January 20, 2020

Clavicle Fracture: Episode 79

Clavicle Fracture: Episode 79 In this episode: Clavicle fracture both following ORIF surgical fixation and non-surgical. Chip Review @ (11:15): Mr. Chips – Chilli (This chip is from the country of Jordan compliments of Khem, Thank you so much!) Trivia question of the week @ (09:20): Who is the...
January 12, 2020

Parsonage Turner Syndrome: Episode 78

Parsonage Turner Syndrome: Episode 78 In this episode: Parsonage Turner Syndrome aka Brachial Neuritis aka Neuralgic Amyotrophy is a rare condition that causes pain, weakness, muscle wasting, numbness and tingling in the shoulder arm and hand. Chip Review @ (12:01): Truffle Chips Taste Off – Oolala – Black Truffle...
January 6, 2020

Total Ankle Replacement: Episode 77

Total Ankle Replacement: Episode 77 In this episode: Total Ankle Replacement is going through a bit of a renaissance. It was attempted in the past with mixed success but has in the last few years become a more common treatment options for those dealing with ankle pain and ROM...
December 30, 2019

Pelvis Fractures: Episode 76

Pelvis Fractures: Episode 76 In this episode: There are several kinds of pelvis fractures. Most can be broken into two sub-headings, stable and unstable. The mostly commonly treated pelvis fracture at our clinic is an avulsion fracture. Chip Review @ (09:20): Yummies – Zambos –Salsa Verde (Thank You Khem)...

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