July 27, 2020

Lateral Shift: Episode 106

Lateral Shift In this episode: A lateral shift, sometimes called a lumbar list, is the presents of the torso shifted to the left or right relative to the hips. It can also be called an acute scoliosis and is most often due to a disk protrusion or herniation. Chip...
July 20, 2020

Snapping Hip Syndrome: Episode 105

Snapping Hip Syndrome In this episode: Season 3 kicks off with Snapping Hip Syndrome. Which is typically a pain free snap felt and heard around either hip, it can be painful in some cases. There are three versions Internal (the most common), External which is more similar to iliotibial...
July 11, 2020

Season 2 Chip of the Year: Episode 104

Season 2 Chip of the Year In this episode: Season 2 recap, thank you’s to our guests and chip providers as well as our season 2 Chip of the Year. Chip Review @ (16:41): Zapp’s Regular Trivia question of the week @ (13:34): What is the youngest country in...
July 6, 2020

Hip Flexor Strain: Episode 103

Hip Flexor Strain In this episode: Hip Flexor Strains are fairly common. They typically occur with sports that involve kicking, skating or lots of change of direction. They can be traumatic or chronic. Chronic injuries are most common with endurance activities like cycling and running. Chip Review @ (12:30):...

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