February 5, 2018

Give Your Run a Lift

As a runner, you’ve heard “no pain no gain” more times than you can count. Those words seemed like good advice — until your own knees started hurting. That pain in your knee cap that you feel when running is known as patello-femoral pain, or PFP. Conventional treatment has...
January 25, 2018

The Hip Bone is Connected to the Ankle Bone?

Your 15 year old daughter has sprained her ankle for the 3rd time this soccer season. During one of her physical therapy sessions following the injury, the therapist has her doing squats, lunges and resistance band exercises. You sit there thinking, “Does this guy know she sprained her ankle?”...
January 5, 2018

ACL Deficits Linger…Longer Than We Thought

After tripping over your dog’s leash and tearing your ACL, you decide to bite the bullet and get it repaired. You do six months of physical therapy after surgery and your doctor says you are ready to return to all activities. So off you go to the track and...
October 4, 2016

CPR – review

It’s a new year so once again the rules for providing CPR have changed, slightly. Here is a quick overview to help breakdown the major points. Shout and Tap the individual If no response proceed to step 2. If there is a response CPR is not necessary Call 911...

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