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As an exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning specialist, who has worked with literally dozens of physical therapists over the past 30 years…Djimmer Bosman has been a great resource and an asset to the my company’s products, my company’s training programs and to my own professional growth and personal spine health! Djimmer takes a very practical and highly effective approach to the rehabilitation of sports injuries, using very functional techniques to restore and accelerate movement training after a sports injury. Djimmer has openly worked with me to improve my working knowledge, understanding and ability to improve sports performance and to preventing injuries for athletes and for the general fitness population as well. He’s the best I’ve worked with and he’s always open to helping others learn and willing to work as part of a team of professionals who are dedicated to improving sports performance while preventing injuries. Billy Glisan, MS, CSCS
Djimmer, I just wanted to let you know that you’ve done your best work on one of my many sports injuries to date with this last round of strengthening exercises for my shoulder! As you may recall, I have been fighting this snowboarding injury for 4 years and my shoulder had been getting progressively worse, not better, from both a pain and strength standpoint. When I got an MRI last fall and went to see both Dr. Parker and Dr. Hatzidakis, the news was pretty discouraging when I found out that an operation would not help. Then you looked at the MRI and suggested that I supplement what I was already doing with 4 exercises involving 3-5 pound weights – well, I was skeptical, but I knew from past experiences in working with you that it was worth a try. And, what happened as a result over the past 2-3 months is nothing short of a miraculous! From a tennis standpoint my shoulder, and game, is pretty much back to 100% of where I was before my injury. I’m now playing pain free at pretty much full strength without having to go through the operation that was proposed just to relieve the pain. My shoulder is not perfect, but for tennis it’s close enough to play full throttle at the level that I like to play at to really have fun. I am scheduled to run the Colfax half marathon and, to date, haven’t pulled a calf muscle, re-aggravated my plantar fasciitis, etc. but I am certain that I’ll do something in the not too distant future to merit another visit in to see you. In the interim I just wanted to thank you for giving me back my tennis game!!! I believe that you are a one in a million Physical Therapist who is capable of doing what few, if any PT’s are capable. Bob Gamble
In my opinion, Djimmer Bosman and his staff at Rebound Therapy and wellness Clinic are leaders in the area of injury rehabilitation. Djimmer has been treating our athletes for over a decade. His approach is cutting edge, using the latest scientific data to assist athletes in regaining full function after an injury. He is personable and has the well being of the athlete always as his first concern. I can honestly say Djimmer Bosman is one of the finest Physical Therapists I have ever worked with, and I have worked at the collegiate, club and international level. Jim Miret, Head Coach – Front Range Volleyball Club
Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic is a very special place! I began physical therapy with Djimmer Bosman, Rebound’s owner, in 2002, when my doctor was emphatic that I rehab from rotator cuff surgery, only with Djimmer. I quickly understood why! His professionalism, sense of humor and an easy going, friendly personality immediately put me at ease. After his initial assessment, Djimmer established a physical treatment and exercise program at each stage of my healing process, and when home exercises were needed, thorough instructions and pictures of each exercise were sent home with me. Since that first rehabilitation in 2002, Djimmer has helped me rehab and manage pain from foot surgery, severe sciatica, bursitis and numerous other chronic muscular/skeletal issues that have emerged with my aging. When therapy has not been needed, I have participated in a Senior Wellness program, designed by him to help me maintain good health. Djimmer is fully aware that one’s sense of well being is not just tied to the particular physical impairment that is being addressed in therapy. Therefore, he takes a genuine interest in the whole person and tailors care for optimal recovery. Receptionist Jean and fellow therapist Christiaan help Djimmer maintain a clean, relaxed, friendly environment in which patients feel free to discuss with staff and each other numerous topics, including books, travels, geography and sports. Djimmer’s patients are diverse, including high school and college athletes recovering from sports injuries, as well as seniors trying to age gracefully, and all in between! I have observed these past twelve years that most patients feel a lot better when they leave than when they arrive at Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic. Maryann Shephard
I came to Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic for Physical Therapy following Achilles tendon repair on recommendation from some colleagues. From my first appointment to my last, I was treated with care and respect by all of the staff members at the clinic. The therapists were both helpful and knowledgeable as they worked patiently with me throughout my recovery and treatment. The demeanor of all the staff made my time at the clinic pleasant and enjoyable, even when I was working hard on my exercises. The staff always made sure that I had everything I needed to be successful throughout my recovery. WHile I hope to remain as healthy as possible, if I ever need treatment for any future injuries, I will gladly return to Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic. Eduardo Fiallos

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