Our Happy Clients

There’s a reason why Rebound Physical Therapy reviews are all 5 stars. I started working with Djimmer just one month ago. Prior to that, I had seen three other physical therapists with minimal results over the course of almost a year.

Djimmer gave me, by far, the most thorough evaluation I’ve ever had. He customized my treatment plan to me and my issues, not a cookie-cutter approach which seems to be the norm. When I first saw him, 20% of my days were pain-free. Now they’re at 70% and we’re not done yet!

I am so appreciative of him and the work he has done with me and feel very fortunate to have (finally!) found someone with his skill level, expertise, and commitment. He has a delightful sense of humor and makes each session purposeful as well as fun.
– Barbara J.

I have known Djimmer now for 20 years. As a physical therapist trained in the Netherlands, he has a very solid orthopedic and manual therapy background. Djimmer and his team emphasize quality over quantity. They spent a lot of one-on-one time with the patient, providing the latest, evidenced-based treatments. Djimmer is a very honest and caring person, a great diagnostician, and an excellent clinician, who will always help you to obtain your goals. Over the years, Djimmer and Christian have built a reputation for quality clinicians with excellent outcomes. Their treatment approach results in better outcomes in fewer visits, therefore saving you time and money in the end. I highly recommend Djimmer and his team at Rebound!
– Amy Prins

Djimmer is by far and away the best PT I’ve ever worked with. Not only has he helped me to avoid spine surgery, he has been ever-encouraging and goes above and beyond by making himself available for consult outside of appointment times. I couldn’t recommend him more!
– Amy Osborne

Christian, Djimmer and Jean are the best they really take care of you. They’re encouraging and have more exercises than you can imagine. If you take part in the exercises in between visits you’ll do really well. I’ve experienced a lot of different PT people and find that Rebound is the best.
– Betsy Geislar

I highly recommend Rebound Therapy! I enjoy a very active lifestyle thanks to the excellent rehab I’ve received from Djimmer. Djimmer incorporates his knowledge of body movements with a keen sense of what will work for my personal recovery; he watches my movements and listens to my concerns then adjusts my session to meet my needs. Over the last 10 years, Djimmer has created a positive impact to my recovery of issues with shoulders, back and hips; with his help I remain active and healthy. My gratitude and thanks go to the entire team at Rebound Therapy as they provide an enjoyable and safe atmosphere.
– Betty G.

I have been working with Christiaan now for a few weeks and he has worked with my wife as well in the past. I can’t express the amount of appreciation that I have for the effort that Christiaan puts into helping me through my hip situation. Physical therapy as traditionally been a very sterile and painful process. The pain still exists due to the hard work needed to be accomplished, but Djimmer and Christiaan have established a pleasant and fun atmosphere in which to do my work. Thanks you two!! I have seen some great progress through my recovery and I want to provide a big “SHOUT OUT” to Rebound Therapy!!
– Jerry Pena

This is hands down the best physical therapy place I’ve ever been too. Shout out to CHRISTIAN my physical therapist !!!! Brooooooo my neck and bad don’t hurt anymore!!!! Thanks for the electric jolt machine !!!!! Thanks for forgiving my being late (most of the time) thanks for not charging me late fees too. Stay awesome and thanks for fixing my back !!!! Did my first back bend, without passing out !!! I feel like a new person !!!!
– Tiki B.

Just wanted to follow-up and let you know how much I appreciate all that you did to get me on the right path.
Pat Greenway

As an exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning specialist, who has worked with literally dozens of physical therapists over the past 30 years…Djimmer Bosman has been a great resource and an asset to my company’s products, my company’s training programs and to my own professional growth and personal spine health!

Djimmer takes a very practical and highly effective approach to the rehabilitation of sports injuries, using very functional techniques to restore and accelerate movement training after a sports injury. Djimmer has openly worked with me to improve my working knowledge, understanding and ability to improve sports performance and to preventing injuries for athletes and for the general fitness population as well.

He’s the best I’ve worked with and he’s always open to helping others learn and willing to work as part of a team of professionals who are dedicated to improving sports performance while preventing injuries.
Billy Glisan, MS, CSCS

In my opinion, Djimmer Bosman and his staff at Rebound Therapy and wellness Clinic are leaders in the area of injury rehabilitation. Djimmer has been treating our athletes for over a decade. His approach is cutting edge, using the latest scientific data to assist athletes in regaining full function after an injury. He is personable and has the well being of the athlete always as his first concern. I can honestly say Djimmer Bosman is one of the finest Physical Therapists I have ever worked with, and I have worked at the collegiate, club and international level.
– Jim Miret, Head Coach, Front Range Volleyball Club

Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic is a very special place! I began physical therapy with Djimmer Bosman, Rebound’s owner, in 2002, when my doctor was emphatic that I rehab from rotator cuff surgery, only with Djimmer. I quickly understood why! His professionalism, sense of humor and an easy going, friendly personality immediately put me at ease. After his initial assessment, Djimmer established a physical treatment and exercise program at each stage of my healing process, and when home exercises were needed, thorough instructions and pictures of each exercise were sent home with me. Since that first rehabilitation in 2002, Djimmer has helped me rehab and manage pain from foot surgery, severe sciatica, bursitis and numerous other chronic muscular/skeletal issues that have emerged with my aging. When therapy has not been needed, I have participated in a Senior Wellness program, designed by him to help me maintain good health.

Djimmer is fully aware that one’s sense of well being is not just tied to the particular physical impairment that is being addressed in therapy. Therefore, he takes a genuine interest in the whole person and tailors care for optimal recovery. Receptionist Jean and fellow therapist Christiaan help Djimmer maintain a clean, relaxed, friendly environment in which patients feel free to discuss with staff and each other numerous topics, including books, travels, geography and sports. Djimmer’s patients are diverse, including high school and college athletes recovering from sports injuries, as well as seniors trying to age gracefully, and all in between! I have observed these past twelve years that most patients feel a lot better when they leave than when they arrive at Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic.
Maryann Shephard

I’ve been receiving physical therapy for low back, hip and knee since 2012, most recently for a right knee replacement.  Each of my recoveries has required Djimmer to be creative in helping one joint heal while not overtaxing another.  He’s worked that magic with me now three times and I’m excited to once again return to golf, cycling, gardening, hiking and a life where my body works well.  Christian has been great when Djimmer wasn’t available.  Jean invariably makes everyone feel welcome and is incredibly efficient with billing and scheduling.  Make sure you check into Rebound Physical Therapy  if you have PT needs.
Tim Engels

I have known the team at Rebound Therapy and wellness Clinic now for close to 15 years. Two words are coming to mind when I think about Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic: commitment and consistency. Djimmer Bosman leads his team with a steady hand, consistently committed to delivering top quality physical therapy. This is exactly the reason why over the years I have recommended Djimmer and his team over and over again to friends and family for their physical therapy needs.

Are you looking for top quality physical therapy, delivered by one of the most dedicated physical teams in the state? Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic is your choice, no doubt!
– Stephan van Duursen

After searching for a solution for my decades old back problems, my search is finally over. Christiaan is a wonderful therapist who is always friendly and comfortable with all of his patients. But most important are his individualized exercise programs that really work. He is always friendly, professional, and focused with all his patients. In a nutshell he’s the best-of-the best and I feel fortunate to have been recommended to him by another health care professional.
– Neil Cunningham

Rebound Therapy has been instrumental in returning our entire family to health through various sports injuries and surgeries. Not only do Djimmer and Christian know what they are doing and strive to get their clients healthy, the clinic’s atmosphere is the best. PT isn’t fun work, however they make it much more enjoyable with the environment! I found them from a friend’s recommendation and recommend them to anyone I know!
– Susie Wargin

I have had the pleasure of working with Djimmer and Christiaan for several years due to a number of injuries, and they are excellent at what they do. Their professional knowledge, experience, compassion and friendliness sets them apart from other therapists that I have worked with, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you for what you do!
– Larry Hill

Rebound has been an excellent experience for me! My therapist Christiaan has been wonderful!! He is extremely knowledgeable, understanding & gentle in his approach. I have been going for my shoulder pain for almost a month now & I am seeing definite improvement! I feel like I am in the best of hands! I would highly recommend Rebound to any of my family & friends!
– Ann Collins

When you walk into Rebound Therapy Jean always greets you with a smile and offers a cup of coffee. Christian and Djimmer are the two best physical therapists in the city. They never turn you over to a “junior” therapist; they devote their personal time and attention to every client. A great experience.
– Dick Fleischman

Christian and Djimmer run the best P/T program I have ever worked with. 2 prior therapist for shoulder surgery x2 and now Rebound for a spine surgery. I am making tremendous strides in recovery and I attribute nearly all aspects of it to Christian’s abilities and knowledge. He pushes me past my comfort zone, but not to the point of pain. He knows what I should be able to do, and he targets each session towards that goal. I cant stress how important it is to work with a therapist that is also a medical doctor. I trust Christian will have me back on the golf course as soon as possible. Did I mention that Christian and Djimmer are ridiculously funny while they are working hard? Thank you for getting me on track for a full recovery. I have full confidence in Rebound Therapy and have recommended them to neighbors, colleagues and family.
– M. Pitt

Who ever heard of WANTING to go to Physical Therapy? Djimmer Bosman is a highly accomplished physical therapist able to assess and understand your physical issue, develop a strategy and plan for rehabilitating it, and make you smile and laugh while you do it. He has helped my husband and me recover from injuries to diverse body parts, including ankle, hip, back, elbow and shoulder, while providing us with tools and strategies to prevent issues in the future. Djimmer is an odd combination of gentle and tough, pushing you to get better, while ensuring you don’t overreach your level of recovery. I never moan about “having” to go to my sessions with him – I look forward to them. Rebound’s other staff members, Christiaan Enthoven and Jean Smith, are also top notch. I highly recommend Rebound Therapy for PT on any physical injury or limitation.
Beth Arnold

Djimmer, I just wanted to let you know that you’ve done your best work on one of my many sports injuries to date with this last round of strengthening exercises for my shoulder! As you may recall, I have been fighting this snowboarding injury for 4 years and my shoulder had been getting progressively worse, not better, from both a pain and strength standpoint. When I got an MRI last fall and went to see both Dr. Parker and Dr. Hatzidakis, the news was pretty discouraging when I found out that an operation would not help. Then you looked at the MRI and suggested that I supplement what I was already doing with 4 exercises involving 3-5 pound weights – well, I was skeptical, but I knew from past experiences in working with you that it was worth a try.

And, what happened as a result over the past 2-3 months is nothing short of a miraculous! From a tennis standpoint my shoulder, and game, is pretty much back to 100% of where I was before my injury. I’m now playing pain free at pretty much full strength without having to go through the operation that was proposed just to relieve the pain. My shoulder is not perfect, but for tennis it’s close enough to play full throttle at the level that I like to play at to really have fun.

I am scheduled to run the Colfax half marathon and, to date, haven’t pulled a calf muscle, re-aggravated my plantar fasciitis, etc. but I am certain that I’ll do something in the not too distant future to merit another visit in to see you. In the interim I just wanted to thank you for giving me back my tennis game!!! I believe that you are a one in a million Physical Therapist who is capable of doing what few, if any PT’s are capable.
Bob Gamble

I came to Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic for Physical Therapy following Achilles tendon repair on recommendation from some colleagues. From my first appointment to my last, I was treated with care and respect by all of the staff members at the clinic. The therapists were both helpful and knowledgeable as they worked patiently with me throughout my recovery and treatment. The demeanor of all the staff made my time at the clinic pleasant and enjoyable, even when I was working hard on my exercises. The staff always made sure that I had everything I needed to be successful throughout my recovery. While I hope to remain as healthy as possible, if I ever need treatment for any future injuries, I will gladly return to Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic.
Eduardo Fiallos

I tore my ACL and did not know what rehab was going to be like. I remember the first time I went to PT and my dad had to carry me in, and now I am running. Christiaan and Djimmer have been great and I really enjoy going to PT. They make physical therapy fun because they make me laugh. On my birthday, they sang happy birthday to me in Dutch, they also came up with a funny nickname for me after a soccer jerseys I wore. We all like to talk about sports and that is pretty cool. I have gotten a lot better quickly thanks to their help. I will continue to come see them after I am fully recovered.
Brayden (age 10)

Djimmer and Christiaan have been my physical therapy heroes since moving to Denver 8 years ago and participating in a plethora of full-contact sports.  They’ve managed to help me heal through a variety of injuries and a knee surgery, all while keeping my spirits up during recovery.  They do a fantastic job helping me maintain my lifestyle and keep me charging ahead at full speed.  My experience with Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic was so positive, I was inspired to pursue a career in physical therapy.  I can never thank them enough for all they’ve done to help me.
Meg O.