Rebound Concierge: Episode 89

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Rebound Concierge

  • In this episode: We discuss Rebound Concierge. This is a new venture into concierge physical therapy. By doing so we are really able to put the client first. There will be no restrictions from insurance or the healthcare system. We can treat clients in their homes, offices or gyms on their schedule and provide the same great physical therapy they have come to expect when visiting our clinic.

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Brief overview of the episode:

            Rebound Concierge is our newest venture. This will allow us to participate in concierge physical therapy, think concierge medicine. The reason we have decided to offer this is to prevent insurance getting in the way of treatment for our clients.

Over the last few years at Rebound Therapy and Wellness Clinic we have been to moving away from traditional in-network physical therapy. This is apparent with our out-of-network, fee-for-service model that we provide for all insurances except for Medicare and United Health Care (at the moment).

The benefits of Rebound Concierge are its unmatched convenience, flexibility, cost predictability and one-on-one sessions. Treatment can be provided at your home, office, gym or really anywhere that allows enough room to lie down comfortably. Rebound Concierge also will work outside of our typical in clinic hours (Mon-Fri).

This model allows the client to be fully in charge of their care. They can dictate the frequency, the time, the place, the types of treatments provided all without any restriction or unnecessary delay due to insurance or any other part of the healthcare system.

If you are looking to really take charge with your physical therapy, Rebound Concierge is for you.


Please email: or call 303-689-2222 to set up your free 20min information session.


Find out more by heading to the Rebound Concierge Page:

Rebound Concierge


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