Pain: Episode 29

Pain: Episode 29

  • Pain is something everyone experiences. Pain is unique to the individual and is difficult to quantify.

  • Today’s Chips: Kettle Brand – Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper – Thank You Judy Kay!

  • Trivia question of the week: What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in the contiguous United States?

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Today we are going to be discussing pain. That is a painful topic. We are going to review Kettle Brand Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper chips. Krinkle cut, Kris Krinkle cut? That is Kringle. Oh, yeah that would not work then. No that is different, easy to confuse. I can understand that.


Pain is an interesting thing. It is just your mind perceiving something. We all perceive that differently. Everyone is going to experience that a different way. When someone says that this is the worst pain I have ever felt, that could be true. There is somatic, visceral, chronic, acute, bone, muscle, radicular ( to name a few.


The infamous scale right? The zero to ten scale. Zero no pain, ten the most pain you have ever had. People are always concerned about getting that one right. There honestly is no wrong. It is a relative scale. It is relative to you, to you only. If we ask you this week, you might be a zero and next week you might be a ten or a one. We are more concerned about the change in pain or establishing a baseline.


What is you pain level like today Djimmer? Zero. So if we start exercising and his pain goes up to four. Then maybe it is time to stop, or we are doing the wrong exercises.


We are also required to document this for insurance. Yeah that is where the whole scale came in. It is semi objective. There is also the Wong-Baker Faces scale. Which goes from happy face to really unhappy face.

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