Previous Injury as a Risk Factor: Episode 133

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Previous Injury as a Risk Factor

  • Previous injury is one of the bigger risk factor for future injury.

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Brief overview of the episode:

Previous injury is a risk factor for future injury. There is some mixed research out there but for the most part previous injury does correlate to increased risk for injury.

               In 2014 a systematic review by Fulton, Wright, Kelly, et al “Injury risk is alterad by repvious injury: a Systemic review of the literature and presenation of causative neuromuscular factor” appeared in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. The result of this study: “ ACL injury was linked to a successive injury of the same ACL, and other injuries in the LE. HS was associated with subsequent ipsilateral HS and knee injuries. Previous achilles tendon rupture increased the risk of an analogous injury on the contralateral side. An ankle sprain was associated with a re‐injury of either the ipsilateral or the contralateral ankle. Post‐injury changes were present in strength, proprioception, and kinematics, which may have led to overall changes in motor control and function.”

                 A second study from 2005 By Kucera, Marshall, Kirkendall et al called “Injury History as a risk factor for incident injury in youth soccer” concluded, “Injury history was associated with an increased injury rate. This suggests that, even in these youth soccer players, those with an injury history may be at higher risk.” And further went on to state: “Multivariate generalised Poisson regression modeling indicated that players with one previous injury had a twofold greater risk of incident injury (IRR  =  2.6; 95% CI 2.0 to 3.3), and those with two or more previous injuries had a threefold greater risk of incident injury (IRR  =  3.0; 95% CI 2.3 to 3.8) compared with athletes with no previous injuries.

                 Both give strong evidence that previous injury is indeed a meaningful risk factor for future injury.

                 One of the best ways to help prevent injury is make sure that you are getting enough sleep as well as proper nutrition and hydration.

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