Vestibular PT with Tonya Fuller: Episode 84

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Vestibular PT with Tonya Fuller: Episode 84


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Episode Timeline:

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Tonya Fuller background
01:17 – Newly Opened Dynamic Mobility and Wellness Center
730 W. Hampden Ave, Suite 302, Englewood,
Near Santa fe and Hampden
Phone: 720-647-3456
Facebook: dynamicmobility
Instagram: dynamicmobilitypt
02:00 – What is vestibular physical therapy?
02:20 – How did Tonya get into vestibular PT?
03:05 – Vestibular competency, What is that?
04:09 – What are signs of vestibular issues?
– Benign Proximal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
– Positional dizziness
– Ear crystals
05:31 – Vomit does happen
07:03 – Can’t I just do this at home on my own?
07:58 – Terminology of vertigo
– Nystagmus
– Dix – hall pike
– Epley’s Maneuver
– Canalith repositioning
10:35 – Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
10:51 – Is concussion a traumatic brain injury?
12:05 – IMPACT testing and treatment for concussion
13:07 – Is there an official definition of concussion?
13:39 – What is your most rewarding injury to treat?
14:34 – I fell in love with neuro
– How Tonya became a Neuro PT
15:20 – Neuro and Ortho physical therapies are not distinctly different skill sets
17:40 – Are there things you can do for vestibular prevention like there is for orthopedic injury prevention?
18:57 – Addressing balance, especially in the elderly
19:13 – Falls are the number 1 cause of brain injury in the elderly
19:24 – Working on balance
19:59 – Our visual systems role in balance
22:05 – If you have problems with balance
22:52 – You don’t have to have dizziness to have vestibular issues
– Vestibular hypo-function
– Migraines
23:59 – Trivia Time!
24:10 – Answer to last weeks question
26:04 – This weeks question
– What is the first toy to be advertised on American television?
26:22 – Chip Time!
– Lay’s Chile Limon
– Chip to air ratio of 50%
28:55 – Contact Tonya Fuller
– Dynamic Mobility and Wellness Center
30 W. Hampden Ave, Suite 302, Englewood,
Phone: 720-647-3456
Facebook: dynamicmobility
Instagram: dynamicmobilitypt

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