Foot & Ankle Health with Dr. Mohammad Rimawi: Episode 40

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Foot & Ankle Health with Dr. Mohammad Rimawi: Episode 40

  • In this episode: We interview Dr. Mohammed Rimawi from Grand Central Footcare in NYC

  • Chip Review: Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion

  • Trivia question of the week: What is the name of the first imperial Faberge Egg?

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00:00 – Intro
00:31 – Grand Central Footcare and Grand Central Station
01:07 – Not living in Manhattan
01:30 – Some history on Brooklyn
01:51 – Dr. Mohammad Rimawi
02:36 – Why we never did Djimmer’s resume
02:59 – How did you get into podiatric medicine?
03:40 – It’s funny how much Djimmer loves feet
04:08 – The foot and ankle are fascinating joints
04:49 – Way to common misdiagnosed foot and ankle injuries
05:11 – The physical therapist I work with are always spot on
05:53 – Where it gets a bit frustrating, urgent care centers
06:58 – Seen our far share of missed peroneal tendon tears or partial tears
07:40 – Missed stress fractures even with X-ray
08:07 – Here is why stress fractures are tricky
08:48 – Over reliance on imaging (x-ray, MRI)
10:05 – Experience is invaluable
10:12 – What cases are you seeing the most right now? It’s plantar fasciitis 
11:34 – What’s your opinion on doing surgery for the plantar fascia?
12:35 – Partial tears of the plantar fasciitis?
            – Cam walker boot
14:00 – How long should someone be in a boot?
            – Acute 3-5 days, the acute inflammatory phase
14:43 – With plantar fasciitis, Once you get it once there is something
15:00 – Roll of orthotics, before, during & after plantar fasciitis
16:03 – Adult acquired flat foot / PTTD (posterior tibial tendon dysfunction)
16:45 – Ankle sprains
18:15 – Syndesmosis injury aka High Ankle sprain
19:39 – Not all “ankle sprains” are the same
20:55 – What is the best sports experience in New York City?
21:31 – Philly fans know how to take it to a different level
22:37 – What is the one thing you wish all people did to take care of their feet a little             better?
23:30 – Be proactive instead of reactive
23:47 – Foot wear pet peeve
24:04 – The worst footwear
            – Flats and flip flops
26:00 – Give me my tennies / Answer from last week
            – Why is a sneaker called a sneaker?
26:39 – Trivia Time!
– What is the name of the first Imperial (Russian Royal family commissioned) Faberge Egg?
27:30 – A too long a history about the Faberge Eggs?
30:00 – Chip Time!!
            – Lay’s Sour Cream & Onion
32:29 – Thank you to Dr. Mohammad Rimawi
              – 212-697-3293
            – Instagram: nycfootdoc
33:35 – Outro
34:04 – Take care of your feet

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