Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy: Episode 129

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Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy

  • Tibial tubercle osteotomy (TTO) is a surgical procedure that is often done to help individuals who are have patella instability or are dealing with osteoarthritis. This procedure moves the attachment point of the patella tendon.

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Brief overview of the episode:

           Tibial tubercle osteotomy also know as tibial tuberosity osteotomy or TTO is a procedure that changes the attachment point of the patella tendon in hopes to improve the stability and tracking of the patella. This surgery becomes an option in the case of individuals who are recurrent patella dislocators or who are dealing with retro-patella arthritis and have not had improvement with non-surgical treatment.

            This is done by separating the tibial tubercle from the tibia and moving it medial or lateral (less common) and then affixing it in place with screws. There are currently two acceptable techniques the Emslie-Trillat and the Fulkerson. With the Emslie-Trillat a straight cut is made across the tubercle. With the Fulkerson the cut is done in an anteromedial fashion. A third technique exists called the Maquet technique in which the tubercle is anteriorized by fully separating it and placing a bone graft behind it. This method should not be used at is has lead to necrosis and is much more likely to fail.

            On average this surgery is performed more frequently with women under 30. It has been reported that 75% or more of individuals who under go a TTO will return to prior or improved level or sport function.


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