Sever’s Disease: Episode 54

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Sever’s Disease: Episode 54

  • In this episode: Sever’s disease – Is your child experiencing heel pain, especially during sport or after.

  • Chip Review: Lorenz – Crunchips Cheese & Onion – Thank you Steve Kovisto (11:05)

  • Trivia question of the week: Can you name the two state capitals, which contain the entire name of the state in their spelling? (09:25)

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Brief except from the episode:
Sever’s Disease aka calcaneal apophysitis, juvinille heel pain. It is inflammation of the growth plate of the calcaneus (heel bone).
This is most common in kids going through a growth spurt. Age 12 is the most likely age but it can occur before or after. Boys are more likely then girls to present with this pain.
Almost always pain is produced during physical activity and particularly sports. Pain will linger after and can settle down with a few minutes or hours. Pain always returns with participation in sport again.
Running and jumping sports are the most common. However, it can be seen with any sport depending on activity level.
This issue can be present for several weeks or months and will typical resolve on its own once the bones slow down or stop growing. That is why it is so common during a growth spurt.
Essential what happens is that the pull of the Achilles tendon on the immature skeleton causes the bone to deform. You can sometimes see a more prominent heel bone in adults who as children dealt with Sever’s Disease.
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