Sitting is the New Smoking: Episode 62

Sitting is the New Smoking: Episode 62

  • In this episode: Sitting is not really the new smoking. It does however; make a good point about modern day lifestyles.

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Brief except from the episode:

Today we are going to cover Sitting is the new smoking, whatever that means. This is one of those things that is all of a sudden all or nothing. This concept is all about nobody should be sitting anymore. Sitting is bad and you should never do it. It is cause for most bad problems. This is probably a little to simplistic.
We are seeing just a many people with back, neck and shoulder problems who have been standing all day. They get a new standing desk at work and spend 8-9 hours standing at their desk.
When the saying “Sitting is the new Smoking” is brought up it has to do with links/correlation. Really the word sitting should be replaced by sedentary life style or inactivity. There are similar global mortality rates associated with inactivity as there is with smoking.
There is also no know benefit to standing at a desk instead of sitting at a desk. The main culprit is again inactivity. Treadmill or cycling desks are much more beneficial but have drawbacks including loss of productivity as well as loss of coordination. Making skilled tasks more difficult to perform.
The take away from all this is be more activity. Lots of short activity is much more effective than one large but infrequent activity.


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