Interview Eduardo Fiallos: Episode 108

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Interview Eduardo Fiallos

  • In this episode: Eduardo Fiallos, the technical coordinator for CU volleyball, comes on and shares his personal and professional experience with physical therapy. We also discuss running, Vollequality, the Denver volleyball scene and the possibility of NCAA sports during COVID.

  • Chip Review @ (10:11): Zapp’s Hotter ‘N Hot Jalapeno (Thank you Eduardo)

  • Trivia question of the week @ (08:00): What year was Volleyball first played as an official Olympic sport?

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Episode Timeline:

To Contact Eduardo Fiallos:

  1. Twitter: @eduardoCoaches

  2. Instagram: @eduardoCoaches

  • Website:

00:00 – Intro

00:17 – More Intro

01:08 – Eduardo Fiallos Background

– Currently in 2nd season as Technical Coordinator for CU Volleyball

– Film, Video & Statistical Analysis

– Twitter: @eduardoCoaches

– Instagram: @eduardoCoaches

– Website:

01:46 – How we met Eduardo

02:32 – Additional coaching background

– DU volleyball 2013-16

– 3x summit league champ

– 3 Straight NCAA tournament appearances

– Arizona

– 1998 Graduate and grad assitant

– Cal State Dominquez hills 97-98

– Louisiana Lafayette 98-99

– North Carolina State 2006

– Club level coaching

– Club Cactus Juniors

– Front Range Volleyball Club

– Colorado Volleyball Association

– At Front Range

– 2004 Regional Champs and Silver Medalist at USA Junior National Championships

– 2006 AAU Junior National Champion

– International Level

– 2008 Assistant coach for the Global Challenge team


07:26 – The Donkey Cheese thing

08:31 – Blessed with plantain chips

09:20 – Eduardo is a big time runner

            – Desert Rats Trail Half following Achilles injury

10:24 – We got to take a picture of these socks

            – When I was a skate rat

12:17 – Data Volley

            – Does it track injury or injury risk?

14:59 – Collage athletics and COVID

15:17 – The plan is to play

16:22 – How is testing being done?

16:48 – Conference only schedules

17:18 – What is practice look like for the Technical Coordinator?

18:22 – The NCAA

19:27 – The pledge for Vollequality

25:33 – College recruiting

26:57 – How are statistics treated for recruiting?

28:16 – Eye test vs Statistics

28:43 – Video Analysis, used for comparison?


            What year was volleyball first played as an official Olympic sport?

31:54 – CHIP TIME

            Zapp’s Hotter ‘N Hot Jalapeno

36:27 – Thank you Eduardo

– Currently in 2nd season as Technical Coordinator for CU Volleyball

– Film, Video & Statistical Analysis

– Twitter: @eduardoCoaches

– Instagram: @eduardoCoaches

– Website:

37:55 – Outro


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