Retrocalcaneal Bursitis/Achilles Bursitis

  • In this episode: Officially known as retrocalcaneal bursitis, this is heel pain usually brought on by a sudden change in activity level, trauma or wearing high heels.

  • Chip Review @ (09:04): Dirty Chips – Funky Fusion (Thanks Pip and Jamie)

  • Trivia question of the week @ (06:03): What is the only word in the English language that ends in “mt”?

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Brief overview of the episode:

The sign of retrocalcaneal bursitis/Achilles bursitis is heel pain. Which is most often brought on by a sudden increase in activity. Most commonly that is activities that are high in running or jumping. It can also be caused by blunt trauma or from wearing high heels.

Thankfully when treated early retrocalcaneal bursitis can resolved in as little as 2-3 weeks. If the situation has gone on for a long time and there is now visible signs of inflammation (redness, heat, fluid) present it can take 6 weeks or longer to resolve. 

Most individuals can make a full recovery by participating in physical therapy where early rest and anti-inflammatory modalities are used. Followed by a course of exercises that would included, strengthening, balance, motor control and return to function.


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Interview Mary Carey: Episode 31

  • Mary Carey is an Ironman, Ultraman and all around badass. She has been coaching beginner to intermediate triathletes since 2000-01.

  • Today’s Chips: Original Ruffles with Hidden Valley Ranch Dips added to sour cream

  • Trivia question of the week: This is a multi-part question. 15 people began the first Ironman. How many finished? Who was the first winner?

  • Follow us on Instagram: 2pts_n_a_bagofchips and/or Twitter @2PTsNaBagOChips to see photos, video and get additional episode specific information throughout the week.

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00:00 – Intro
00:10 – Welcome Mary Carey
00:53 – Triathlete and Triathlon Coach
02:34 – What is Ultraman?
04:33 – Mary finished a 520km race
05:20 – You can wear a wetsuit
06:34 – How do you motivate yourself?
07:06 – What is recovery like after Ultraman 520?
08:00 – Rhabdomyolysis – you’ve had it
08:56 – return to training following rhabdomyolysis
09:26 – what should you know when you are going to start any distance training
10:12 – How far in advance should you start training?
11:20 – training begins with much shorter then expected times and distances
11:38 – What do you do to prevent injury?
12:41 – Does previous sport performance predict future ability?
14:08 – What are the common injuries you see with triathletes?
15:18 – Mary’s other injuries
16:37 – Djimmer’s humble opinion
17:07 – Don’t let an injury nag – get in soon and get back sooner
17:31 – Distance training can be done in small bits
18:35 – Conservative training
18:40 – Bike to reap benefits on the run
19:54 – Nutrition for Triathlon
22:24 – Pacing, Training at Pace
24:45 – New to Triathlon – Where do you start
25:53 – Mentality – What are you thinking about when you train or compete
27:34 – 6.2 Mile swim
28:08 – Cross training
29:47 – Djimmer is shaving
30:14 – CHIP TIME!
31:37 – Lays Potato Chips during Ultraman
32:45 – Cakes and Pies
33:49 – Trivia
34:00 – Last weeks: What is the only Mammal that breathes only through its nose?
  • The Horse
34:59 – This weeks Trivia
             -15 people started the first Ironman. How many people completed the race?
             – Who was the winner of the first ever Ironman?
35:37 – Belated chip to air ratio
36:11 – Thank you for listening. Thank you Mary
37:10 – Getting more info on Mary
             – Facebook look up Mary Carey
37:53 – Happy birthday Mam (with Song)
38:20 – Outro
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