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  • In this episode: Bunion is one of the more apparent foot changes that can occur. This is usually due to shoe wear and is more common with certain activities. Good news lots of it can be modified through an exercise program that focuses on your feet.
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Brief overview of the episode:

Bunion is a fairly common bony change that occurs at the big toe. Usually due to tight and or high-heeled shoes forcing the metatarsal to angle outward and the phalange to angle inward. This can sometimes also result in extra bone growth. This change can be pain free bur will also affect foot function.

Due to the alignment change there is often a reduction in range of motion, altered gait pattern, redness and possibility calluses. Many of these issues can be address by changing shoe wear. Making sure the new shoes allow for adequate spaces for the toes. There are also a number of exercises and movements that can be done to help reverse some of the changes.

If you’ve had bunions for 30 years you are not likely to reverse the course of your foot change completely but there is always some improvement that can be made.

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