Compartment Syndrome: Episode 67

  • In this episode: The signs symptoms and causes of compartment syndrome are discussed. Mostly discussing acute compartment syndrome.

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Brief excerpt from the episode:

Compartment syndrome. Is not a good thing and thankfully not to common. There are a few kinds, acute, which we are discussing today. There is also exertional and insidious onset.
Acute compartment syndrome is the most common and the one we see the most. That is a result of trauma cause increased pressure within a compartment. This prevents typical blood flood and as a result oxygen is not able to reach the tissue. Muscle and nerve are the most immediately affected.
Most of the time this is caused by an athletic “crush” injury. You get hit, take a fall or some other large force is excreted on your body. This results in an increase in blood and lymphatic flow, which then increased the pressure within a compartment.
There are many compartments within the human body. The ones most commonly affected are in the shin and forearm. Compartment syndrome will also occur in the glutes, thigh and foot. It is possible that it can occur in any compartment of the body but these are the most common.
Signs of compartment syndrome are pain beyond what you would expect, a firm or “wood-like” feel of the skin as well as numbness and weakness. When numbness begins to occur this highly concerning and one should head immediately to the hospital.

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