Patellar Tendonitis: Episode 61

  • In this episode: We discuss patellar tendonitis (inflammatory) and tendonosis (chronic). Signs, symptoms and some treatment options available.

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Brief except from the episode:

Patellar Tendonitis, pain and discomfort directly in the front of your knee. Your patella tendon is the soft portion between your knee cap (patella) and shin (tibial tuberosity).
Generally speaking there is a gradual onset. Hurts a little goes away, hurts again later a little more etc… This is also called “jumpers’ Knee”.
It has been linked to early sport specialization. Younger individuals who perform the same activity the whole year around tend to have a higher incidence of patella tendonitis.
Some differential diagnosis for this can be Osgood-Schlatter disease, which is bone pain on the tibial tuberosity or Sinding larsen johansson syndrome. Which is bone pain of the inferior patella pole (bottom of the knee cap). These both occur in the immature skeleton.
There is good article by Mark F. Reinking called Current Concepts in the Treatment of Patellar Tendinopathy. Which looks at the intrinsic and extrinsic aspect related to patellar tendon issues. (Give it a read if you have the time).
Treatment wise we are always looking to find related issues whether that is weakness, range of motion loss or excess, shoe wear and activity level.
Patellar tendonitis is highlighted by local inflammation. If left untreated it can progress to patellar tendonosis, which is more difficult to recover from. If you think you might have tendonitis come see us or your local physical therapist and have it addressed sooner rather than later.

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