Palmaris Longus

  • Palmaris Longus is a muscle this a absent in 14% of the worlds population. For people who have one it does not really seem to do that much though.
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Brief overview of the episode:

Palmaris Longus is a muscle in most peoples wrist/forearm. It is absent in 14% of the world population. Almost 64% of Turkish people don’t have one but only in 0.6% of Korean people is it absent.

The Palmaris longus works in conjunction with the other wrist flexors. It begins at the medial epicondyle and travels into the first few bones of the hand as well as the palmer aponeurosis.

When compared to cat anatomy this is the muscle that retracts its claws. There is very little strength for wrist flexion or gripping attributed to the Palmaris longus. As such it makes for a great tendon to harvest to help reconstruct other more useful tendon structus in the body.

The present of or absents of Palmaris longus can be bilateral or unilateral. It is a fun and unique muscle/tendon to discuss and has no know specific injury associated with it.


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