Knee Capsular Corner Injury

  • A capsular corner injury of the knee is not often talked about but is often present for individuals who are dealing with instability of the knee and are having a more difficult time returning to activity. We’re talking primarily about posterolateral and little about posteromedial corner injuries of the knee.
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Brief overview of the episode:

Knee capsular corner injuries are not commonly referred to but they result in long-term instability of knee. The current incidence has not been widely reported but at least currently appears to not be that common. The incidence goes up depending on mechanism.

A direct blow into a posterolateral direction, hyperextension or other high-energy trauma is the most likely mechanism to injury the posterolateral corner of the knee capsule. Symptoms beyond instability include tendernesss, swelling, bruising, standing varus and varus or hyperextension varus during gait.

In most cases a corner injury of the knee does not occur in isolation. They are most common with posterior cruciate and anterior cruciate ligament ruptures.


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