Lumbar Strain

(Weight Lifters Back)

  • Lumbar strain also known as weight lifters back, low back pain, pulled back, my back went out, strained back and lumbago is a really common issues. It is likely that everyone will deal with this at some point in their lives.
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Lumbar strain is one of the most common reasons someone will go to their primary care physician or the emergency room. It occurs as a result of trauma, overuse, sports, slips and falls. Sometimes called weight lifters back, lumbago, back strain, pulled back and is a result of a muscle, tendon or ligament injury of the low back.

The most common muscles injured are the quadratus lumborum, multifidus, gluteus medius, gluteus max and piriformis. These are muscles of the low back and the buttocks/hip. Symptoms will included low back pain, spasming and being sore to the touch.

Most people will have some reduction in symptoms with walking, short duration stretching and ice/heat/NSAIDS. In most cases it is not necessary to see a physician or have imaging done. Symptoms will improve in 1-4 weeks and should fully resolve in less than 8 weeks.

Low back pain is most often a result of some activity and usually you know what caused your pain. There is high likely hood that you pain will improve with gentle movement and activity and there is not a serious underlying pathology.

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