“Pinched Nerve”

  • Pinched nerve is a term we have all heard but what is it really?
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Brief overview of the episode:

We’ve all heard the term pinched nerve before. But what does it really mean? It is not an official diagnosis but it does clearly present a set of symptoms. A “pinched nerve” is a loose term that describes radicular symptoms. This is pain and possibility numbness, tingling and weakness. This most often due to compression at the nerve root but can also occur distally along a nerve. Carpel tunnel and hitting your “funny bone” are both examples of a pinched nerve.

Most often a pinched nerve occurs due to a compression of the nerve root. Which is can be due to a number of changes. Most common are degenerative changes and this is why people 50 year and older are most affected. A pinched nerve occurs in about 85 out of 100,000 US adults. Making it a fairly common diagnosis.

One of the best ways to experience relief is by getting the area moving. This can be a few degrees of movement but so long as there is some movement taking place progress is being made.


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