Achilles Repair with Peter Jennings: Episode 38

  • In this episode: What is it like to recover from Achilles Repair with Special guest Peter Jennings @CSURAM88

  • Chip Review: This week we did a 4 way battle between Salt & Vinegar flavored Chips from: Boulder Canyon, Cape Cod, Dutch Crunch and Zapp’s

  • Trivia question of the week: Which school won the first NCAA basketball tournament?

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00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Chip Final Four Intro
01:00 – Achilles Repair
  • 5:1 Male to Female Ratio
  • 80% related to sports with a predisposition to ball sports
01:34 – “I thought a big explosion happened behind me”
02:04 – NBA vs NFL experience
02:30 – Repairs are getting better and/or is Rehab getting better
03:12 – Why is it so hard to repair?
04:10 – Exceptions to early surgery
04:42 – The recovery is long
05:44 – Running, jumping, agility, getting married
06:17 – Typical age range of injury
06:44 – Why are men more likely to rupture?
07:59 – Did Demaryius re-tear or tear the other?
  • First tear was of the Right Achilles
  • Second tear was of the Left Achilles
08:27 – I’m not trying to scare you Peter
09:10 – What is your blood type
10:15 – How likely is an Achilles
11:07 – Post NFL lock out, saw an increase in tears
11:39 – Highest potential for injury
12:30 – Did you have any kind of Achilles injury history?
13:22 – What can you do preventatively
14:04 – Link to the stretching  podcast episode 25
14:16 – Lets talk about Peter
  • Currently on 3-4 other Podcasts
15:10 – Social Media
  • Twitter @CSURAM88
15:48 – What would you rather have?
  • 100,000 Instagram followers
  • A College degree
16:23 – We’ve got about 100,000 Instagram followers to go
16:57 – How to boost your number of twitter followers
17:11 – What do you do with your podcasts?
17:37 – A recent trip to Chipotle
18:40 – Last weeks TRIVIA
  • What was the highest grossing movie of the 80’s?
  • ET. The Extra Terrestrial
  • Who won the first NCAA basketball tournament?
21:07 – CHIP TIME
21:30 – Southeast Regional Introduction
– 21:45 – Cape Cod – Salt & Vinegar
            – 22:09 – Zapp’s – Salt & Vinegar
23:02 – Northwest Regional Introduction
  • 23:06 – Dutch Crunch – Salt & Vinegar
  • 23:49 – Boulder Canyon – Sweet Vinegar
24:28 – Finals
  • Cape Cod
  • Boulder
26:22 – Thumbs up/thumbs down for each Chip
26:49 – I need to get some spicy chips in my life
27:54 –Outro
  • Huge thank you to Peter for coming on and sharing his story
  • Shout out to TJ
29:00 – “Tilting” is over my head

Greater Trochanteric Bursitis: Episode 28

  • The most common of all the bursitises affects the left or right hip and disproportionally in people over 60 years old.

  • Today’s Chips: Old Dutch Crunch – Jalapeno & Cheddar Kettle Chips

  • Trivia question of the week: “The Diary of a Young Girl” is better known by what name?

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  • Thanks for listening!!


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Today we’ve had to do an impromptu adjustment due to some unforeseeable circumstances related to automobiles. So rather than interviewing Mary Carey today we are going to be going over Greater Trochanteric Bursitis.


So greater trochanteric bursitis, it’s a great diagnosis. It is the most common of the bursitises. This is pain experienced on the outside of the hip. This could be left or right. It is most common on individuals sixty years and over. We do see it younger on occasion. On a Cajun. We should have done Cajun chips, what were we thinking.


It is a very common diagnosis; unfortunately if you have pain on the outside of the hip most people will say you have greater trochanteric bursitis. There is often some differential diagnosis needed when you get a prescription for great trochanteric bursitis because that is not always the case (


We see it a lot. People who sit often and then stand up with pain in their hip. The pain can travel down the side to the knee almost looking like an iliotibial band issue ( at times. It is pretty common in patients who are compensating for osteoarthritis in the hip. So if you see somebody walking with a lateral shift or lateral lean that can create irritability. A lot of the times like tendonitis or other bursitis it is a result of a compensatory problem.


Other common chronic conditions with it are scoliosis, leg length discrepancy, and weakness of the hip musculature is a huge one in general. And then OA and RA, which you already mentioned. Overuse people who all of a sudden have discovered the stair master for their cardiovascular exercise are a target demographic. Or individuals who suddenly start exercising or doing a new activity.

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