Fight for Air Climb: Episode 30

  • Joining us is Stephanie Grover, Captain of Team Grover. Stephanie asked us to help her raise money to honor her father who passed away from lung cancer.

  • Rebound Therapy & Wellness Clinic has joined Team Grover for the Fight for Air Climb in Denver. Takes place March 3rd 7am at Republic Plaza. This event raises money for the American Lung Association.

  • Please, please donate to this cause and help Team Grover be the number 1 fundraising team.

  • Today’s Chips: Zapp’s Potato Chips, New Orleans Kettle Style, Cajun Dill Gator-Tators

  • Trivia question of the week: What is the only mammal that breathes only through its nose?

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Show Transcript partial (rest to come soon).
Christiaan: He’s Djimmer!
Djimmer: He’s Chrisitaan!
Christiaan: Welcome back to 2 PT’s N’ a Bag of Chips. Today we are welcoming Stephanie Grover aka
Djimmer: Steph Bomb! aka Steph is awesome.
Christiaan: We are going to be taking about the Fight for Air Climb and reviewing Zapp’s Cajun Dill Gator-Tator
Djimmer: Tator chips, them some good chips
Christiaan: Delicious chips. So to recap, because we have been covering for the last few weeks the Fight for Air Climb is taking place on March 3rd 7am at Republic Plaza.
Djimmer: Yeah we probably won’t be done until 10-10:30am.
Christiaan: We are going to have a hard time getting up those steps.
Djimmer: Stephanie swears that we are going to do it in 20mins. She clearly has never seen me climb stairs.
Christiaan: Steph has also completed an Ironman. So…
Djimmer: there is that. I have yet to complete an Ironman
Christiaan: I did a 10K once. It nearly killed me.
Djimmer: Yeah, not happening.
Christiaan: That is all to go towards the American Lung Association it is a fundraiser. Stephanie Grover is the leader of Team Grover.
Djimmer: That’s right! We gotta do some catchy stuff with Team Grover.
Christiaan: and we are part of Team Grover
Djimmer: We’ll knock you over we’re on Team Grover
Christiaan: Steph thank you so much for coming in today. We are glad you came.
Stephanie: I’m so happy to be here and you are doing it in 20mins.
Djimmer: Yeah no. You clearly have way more, way more faith in us
Christiaan: A lot of confidence in us. We lack some confidence and skill.
Djimmer: Have you been going up and down stairs?
Christiaan: It’s justly deserved our lack of confidence.
Djimmer: Yeah I go down to the basement and I am out of breath. That is 12 steps. This is 1098 steps. What is 1098 divided by 12? That is at least 100x
Christiaan: Almost 100.
Djimmer: Yeah 98
Stephanie: There is something at the gym called a stair master.
Djimmer: That hurts my knees.
Stephanie: Oh boo
Djimmer: (Laughing) No it does. How do you train?
Stephanie: I go hiking, I bike, I run, I swim, I hike, I snowboard. All my regular
Djimmer: So you are not training specifically for this event?
Stephanie: Ah no.
Djimmer: You are just training in general.
Stephanie: Training for life, yes.
Djimmer: Since we don’t train for life. This is our training, we yak into a microphone.
Christiaan: and eat chips once a week.
Stephanie: So maybe you should be training for your life.
Djimmer: Is there emergency staff, is there medical staff. If I have shortness of breathe attack. Will there be people that can help me? Are their people with oxygen?
Stepahanie: Yeah absolutely. They give you CPR on the 47th floor.
Djimmer: I have to make it to the 47th floor to get CPR?
Stephanie: Ahha
Christiaan: What if he goes down on like the 20th floor?
Stephanie: He might die
Djimmer: Can I go on the elevator?
Stephanie: There is no elevator until the 56th floor.
Djimmer: I can take the elevator down?
Stephanie: Yup
Djimmer: Ok
Stephanie: But you have to go all the way up.
Djimmer: Can I go up to the 47th floor. Get my CPR then go to the 56th floor and go down?
Stephanie: Yeah
Djimmer: Yeah ok
Stephanie: And then go back up again.
Djimmer: No
Stephanie: Ya
Christiaan: How many times have you done this now?
Stephanie: Umm this will be my 5th year.
Christiaan: Captain all 5 years?
Stephanie: Mhmm
Christiaan: Ya
Djimmer: That’s amazing.
Stephanie: I do it with a weight pack. Like a pound weight pack.
Djimmer: You wear a 20 pound weight vest.
Stephanie: Uh huh
Christiaan: That’s just insulting. You know?
Stephanie: Because then it’s making it harder than it has to be.
Christiaan: Why don’t you carry like a dummy up the stairs?
Stephanie: I should carry you. You weigh 20 pounds?
Djimmer: Oww
All: *Laughing*
Djimmer: That was painful in so many different levels
Christiaan: Ya… totally worth it though.
Djimmer: But, if you want to carry me up I mean absolutely, I’ll carry the mic and you can just power on up.
Stephanie: Yup
Christian: You can mule our radio equipment up.
Stephanie: No you will carry him up and then we will go together, up.
Christiaan: I’ll make it to the 4th floor if I try to carry him up.
Stephanie: I’ll make it 1 floor up.
Djimmer: And then you got a little ways to go still. If you have to ah…. have cpr.
Christiaan: At that point I’d would just roll down the stairs. And I’d be in better shape.
Stephanie: You can get one of those things inserted on the steps, you know the rail that brings old people up?
Djimmer: Ya!
Stephanie: Ya
Djimmer: Does it go all the way?
Stephanie: We can get one of those hooked up for you.
Djimmer: Like a little chair. Like a stair lift or a chairlift.
Stephanie: Ya
Djimmer: I like that.
Christiaan: That would be hard,  because you have to unclamp it every time it made a turn… and then reclamp it.
Djimmer: that’s okay because I’ll just sit. Why did you start doing this? What is your story?
Stephanie: My story is for my father who passed away 22years ago, from lung cancer. So the American lung association they do an annual event that they do to fundraise money for doing the climb. One of  two events they do every year. So I do it to carry on the memory of my father. Raise awareness, try to make money for the organization, raise funds, get people together, celebrate, honor each other’s life.
Djimmer: That’s a great story. So where’s the other event? You said they do two events. Where’s the other one?
Stephanie: The other one is Run the Rocks, it’s a 5K. Uh…Red rocks.
Djimmer: By Red rocks, ok .
Stephanie: So that will be in October.
Djimmer: Ya we’re not doing that.
Stephanie: Yes you are
Djimmer: No no
Stephanie: Uh huh
Djimmer: These legs don’t run
Stephanie: But they can run downhill 2 miles then walk up 1 mile. It will be good fun.
Djimmer: I’ll be there to cheer you on.
Stephanie: Ok, perfect.
Christiaan: That sounds very uncomfortable.
Stephanie: It’s very uncomfortable, but it’s fun at the same time.
Christiaan: Is it fun?
Stephanie: It’s fun!
Christiaan: Do you wear a weighted vest for the 5K run?
Stephanie: Yes
Christiaan: Really?
Stephanie: Ya!
Djimmer: What’s wrong with you?
Stephanie: No I’m not.
Djimmer: Okay she’s not
Christiaan: Oh gosh… jeez
Stephanie: Just for the stairs.
Djimmer: Only for the stairs. Which is bad enough.
Stephanie: Ya….Bad enough, why?
Djimmer: Because it’s going to be hard enough to climb up. I don’t think I need to add anymore weight. As a matter of fact I may just wear shorts.
Stephanie: *laughs*
Christiaan: Why wouldn’t you wear shorts?
Djimmer: Just shorts, no other clothes. Just shorts.
Christiaan: No shoes even?
Stephanie: Oh you’re going to go naked?
Djimmer: No, shorts.
Stephanie: Naked
Djimmer: Naked with shorts.
Christiaan: will you be measuring your sneakers to find out which are the lightest
Djimmer: I have some light… These are really light shoes these gray ones. So I may just go with the light…Yeah. I want to drop weight I don’t want to put weight on.
Christiaan: Are you shaving (beard), cutting your hair, the whole thing?
Djimmer: Yeah. Did you see the Julian Edelman thing?
Stephanie: you can shave your beard off before you go up. That would save some weight
Djimmer: And it would be for charity so. If anyone here has seen my beard. This has been a 3 month thing.
Christiaan: we post photos of your face every week. At least 1.
Djimmer: so you have seen it. If you want to donate to see me loose the beard. I may just shave the beard there.
Christiaan: Let’s donate
Djimmer: Or if you don’t want to see that, you can donate. If you want me to keep the beard.
Christiaan: That brings up a good point. All donations can be made to
Djimmer: Yes, for Team Grover
Christiaan: Team Grover. Also spin off Djimmer Bosman and or Christiaan Enthoven. You can also donate to Stephanie Grover directly.
Djimmer: There is a facebook page, right?
Stepahnie: Yeah
Christiaan: What is that facebook pager called?
Stephanie: Fight for air. Then go to Fight for air Denver. Because in every state they have there own event. They you have to click on Team Grover
Christiaan: There we go
Stepahnie: then they have to click on your name.
Djimmer: So Fight for Air à Denver à Team Grover à click on Christiaans name My name. Or you can click on Jean. Jean our admin is also raising funds.
Christiaan: I think she has raised more money then we have combined. People like her. So that helps
Djimmer: She is easy to like
Stephanie: The only way you two can climb is to raise $100 each
Djimmer: done, I will write you a check
Christiaan: We are working on it. We have some stuff in the caldron
Djimmer: In the caldron, in the works
Stephanie: but if we raise even more money and get in the top 3 team by February 20th we get to pick our own time to go up. So we don’t have to go up at 7am.
Djimmer: Ohhh
Christiaan: What is the ideal time to go up?
Stephanie: 9
Djimmer/Christiaan: 9
Stephanie: yeah, why not. We can pick 9, 9:30, 10am. We have a window, of I think 30mins
Christiaan: Do they have beer at the top of this thing?
Stephanies: No. Absolutely not. But they have beads.
Christiaan: beads?
Djimmer: beads
Stephanie: Oh! They give you a medal!
Christiaan: a Medal
Stephanie: Umha
Christiaan: You need a medal
Stepahnie: yeah
Christiaan: That would be the first medal I have ever won.
Stephanie: Ever won? Wow
Djimmer: I won a medal in chess once.
Christiaan: Well played
Djimmer: Yeah
Christiaan: Rook to King 4
Djimmer: I’m pretty sure it was a silver medal. I’ll have to check that out
Stephanie: It’s actually a silver medal too
Christiaan: Silver medal!
Djimmer: So then I would have 2 silver medals. One for chess and one for climbing up stairs. I’m really excited about the medal
Stephanie: So you guys have until February 20th to put the team into the top 3 teams. You do have until February twenty…….
Djimmer: 8th
Christiaan 28th
Stephanie: 28th to hit your goal
Christiaan: So get your fundraising in as soon as possible
Djimmer: If you are ready to raise funds or donate
Christiaan: Do it today
Djimmer: now is a good time, yeah.
Christiaan: Right now
Djimmer: right now
Christiaan: We’ve got links. There are links everywhere
Djimmer: we have links everywhere. You could also stop by the clinic. We’ll brew you some coffee. We’ll take a picture with you.
Christiaan: Oh that would be good
Stepahnie: yeah, give them some challah bread, cookies and chips
Christiaan: we have chocolate. Today
Djimmer: there is food. So please stop by and support us.
Christiaan: yeah
Djimmer: Well don’t support us. Support Stephanie in memory of Stephanie’s father. To help the Fight for Air
Christiaan: Yeah
Stephanie: yeah. That sounds awesome
Christiaan: March 3rd, 7am, Republic plaza
Djimmer: be there
Stephanie: be there, you be there
Christiaan: 1098 steps
Stephanie: 1098 steps
Djimmer: Oh I am getting tired just thinking about it
Christiaan: 56 floors?
Djimmer: Yeah 56 Floors
Stephanie: 56 floors
Djimmer: that is going to be awful
Christiaan: You should come by just to see how miserable Djimmer and I look on our way up.
Djimmer: We may take some pictures. I’m seriously considering doing a live broadcast
Christiaan: A live broadcast?
Djimmer: Stephanie suggested from the 10th floor to like the 20th floor. We won’t be able to go live past the 30th floor.
Christiaan: A live instagram feed
Djimmer: That could be good yeah. Where we do the boomerang
Christiaan: you can’t do both, I don’t think. You can go live or you can boomerang
Djimmer: ok
Stephanie: We can go live. I can go up, come down. Then follow you guys up as you are finishing
Djimmer: That is just showing off.
Christiaan: Now you are just rubbing it in.
Djimmer: That’s just making use look bad
Stepahnie: Ah ha
Christiaan: Well we do that pretty well on our own
Djimmer: But if people want to see that. They could maybe donate
Christiaan: If you donate
Stephanie: They can donate to keep you alive.
Christiaan: If you donate enough. We’ll let Stephanie live instagram feed us.
Stephanie: Absolutely
Djimmer: That does not sound good. Live instagram feed. Like your going to feed us to
Christiaan: I don’t know but that is what it is called.
Djimmer: Ok
Christiaan: I don’t know
Stephanie: live feed. Live story. You can go to instagram stories
Christiaan: Steph is a great follow on instagram by the way. She is very active
Djimmer: Super active. She is badass. She is an ironman. Are you and Ironman or an Ironwomen?
Stephanie: Ironman
Djimmer: Ironman
Stephanie: Yeah
Djimmer: A kick as Ironman
Christiaan: An excellent snowboader
Djimmer: Just completed her first Ironman last year. Rocked it
Christiaan: Just can back from Las Vegas
Stephanie: I did, Vegas. Are you guys stalking me on facebook or something?
Djimmer: No on the instasnap. Gram.
Christiaan: you are our friend.
Stephanie: I am your friend
Christiaan: We heart all your photos
Stephanie: Oh great. That is wonderful
Christiaan: We heart everybody’s photos so we don’t play favorites. Everyone is our favorite
Djimmer: We heart
Christiaan: We heart everything
Djimmer: what is that
Christiaan: it’s an instagram thing. Clearly Djimmer hearts nobodies
Djimmer: is that when you double tap on it
Christiaan: yeah, yeah, yeah
Djimmer: oh, tish. I double tap everything. That does not sound good either
Stephanie: you tap
Christiaan: you are just running around double tapping people
Stephanie: are you the kind of person that scrolls through and just like, like, likes everything and ever person. You don’t even know what the person
Djimmer: Yeah
Christiaan: If I know the person. BOOM, heart.
Djimmer: Why wouldn’t you.
Christiaan: I feel it’s nice. It’s uplifting for you. You’ve gotten 157,000 likes
Djimmer: We’ve gotten that many
Christiaan: No we haven’t gotten very many really.
Djimmer: For stephanie because she got a lot of friends
Christiaan: We get maybe 20 likes a day if we are lucky.
Djimmer: really?
Stephanie: I actually have like several of the things about the podcast. I like to support you.
Djimmer: So you are liking the podcast? So Stephanie pointed this out, and as you can maybe hear. Stephanie is hearing impaired so.
Stephanie: No actually I am deaf.
Djimmer: You are deaf
Stepahnie: Yeah
Djimmer: Stephanie is deaf. So the podcast is not like a great medium
Christiaan: To support that community
Djimmer: She called us on it. So Christiaan and I are, are a little verklempt
Christiaan: Yeah uh, we talked about live feeding or video feeding the podcast from here on out. Potentially
Djimmer: yeah, so that is an issue with the podcast. So we are looking into seeing if we can maybe do a transcript or some kind of outline
Christiaan: Which we do with every podcast anyway but this time it will be the complete.
Djimmer: So maybe we’ll do the complete.
Christiaan: not the abridged version
Stephanie: yeah it’s ADA law to provide access for communication
Djimmer: we do, except for you
Stephanie: except for me
Djimmer: But therefore we just run up some stairs with you.
Christiaan: Walk
Djimmer: to buy off our gilt
Christiaan Walk slowly
Stephanie: It’s ok
Christiaan: We are going to walk slowly
Stephanie: ok
Christiaan: one step at a time like we are going up everest. One step, one breath, one step, one breath.
Stepahnie: I like that. One breath at a time.
Djimmer: Does anybody walk it down? Or can you not walk it down?
Stephanie: you can’t walk it down.
Djimmer: you can’t walk it down
Stephanie: No you have to take the elevator down.
Christiaan: Do they have pizza at the top?
Stephanie: NO
Djimmer: Why are you so concerned about pizza and beer?
Christiaan: What’s the point of going all the way to the top?
Stephanie: Because there is a beautiful view of the city of Denver.
Christiaan: oh Ok
Djimmer: Because the view is amazing
Stephanie: The view are a-mazzzing and you get a medal.
Christiaan: Oh the medal. Do they have chips at the top?
Stephanie: I don’t know. Maybe we can bring our chips. Maybe I can carry a bag of chips up there
Christiaan: We should bring some chips up there
Stephanie: I will bring the Pringles
Christiaan: You are carrying 20 pounds anyway.
Djimmer: Maybe you just carry 15 pound weighted vest
Stephanie: I could bring a backpack filled with all your chips
Christiaan: Love that idea.
Djimmer: And I’ll bring the beer.
Christiaan: Now we’re getting motivated
Stephanie: You could bring the beer in your shorts. The cargo shorts.
Djimmer: Yeah
Stephanie: ok
Djimmer: we will do that
Christiaan: There we have it
Stephanie: We can pass out the beer and the Pringles
Djimmer: You can just pour it on my face
Stephanie: I’ll just be pouring it all over your face
Djimmer: I mean it’s like smelling salt but then only with beer.
Christiaan: Beer, will it be like that cartoon thing where it is like pulling you by the nose up the stairs.
Djimmer: I sure hope not
Christiaan: ok, well
Djimmer: That sounds painful
Christiaan: There you have it. So Fight for Air Climb, March 3rd, 7am, Republic plaza, Team Grover, American Lung Association.
Djimmer: We are going to do this. It’s going to be amazing. Thanks for having us on your team Steph
Christiaan: Yeah thank you so much for inviting us.
Stephanie: That you so much for coming on the team. I am so excited to have my two favorite physical therapists
Djimmer: How many physical therapists do you have?
Stephanie: 2
Djimmer: Ok so that works out
Stephanie: Two my top, Physical therapist
Christiaan: I think we are doing pretty well there. At the very least a ringing endorsement
Stephanie: my favorite clinic
Djimmer: Favorite clinic
Stephanie: My favorite 1 clinic. We’ll have a third person joining in.
Djimmer: Yeah Jean is joining.
Stephanie: Right. Or is there four.
Christiaan: well McKenna
Stephanie: Well thank you three for coming on the team. Because now we have 23 people
Djimmer: 23 people. Are we the biggest team?
Stephanie: ahhhmmm, I’m, not quite sure. Probably close. One of the top three teams. We’ll we’re in the top four right now.
Djimmer: We are going to be the badest team
Stephanie: we are
Djimmer: Can we say ass on the?
Christiaan: yeah of course.
Stephanie: if any of your patients want to sign up to join the team they can.
Djimmer: Oh they can?
Stephanie: They will have to hurry up.
Christiaan: If you want to sign up you still have 12 days. On February 20th.
Stephanie: They may sell out pretty soon and it’s $25 to register I believe. $25 or $35 I believe. But then they get to join the team. If they want to do it that way they can.
Christiaan: Right
Stephanie: the more people the merrier
Christiaan: and if we get a good team fundraising then we get to pick the time we go.
Djimmer: that’s right
Stephanie: Yeah. Let’s try to bump up into the top 3.
Djimmer: I’m liking it
Christiaan: So, we’ve got out goals.
Stephanie: 1 chip at a time
Djimmer: We should call Lays and see if they want to sponsor us
Christiaan: Do we really want lays?
Djimmer: No
Christiaan: We should go Boulder Chip Company probably
Djimmer: Boulder Chip Company. Any Boulder Chip Company execs out there just reach out.
Christiaan: We’ve been holding off on doing Boulder Chips for this exact reason. They have not reach out to us yet. I guess out twelve hundred and fifty two thousand fans. It’s not that many, that was a total lie. We have 2000 fans.
Djimmer: That is a lot of fans though
Christiaan: yeah it’s pretty good. Not chip good apparently.
Djimmer: Yeah I guess not
Stephanie: Maybe next year you can have bag of chips as your team.
Christiaan: We’d love bag of chips
Stephanie: Team Grover and a bag of chips
Djimmer: Team Grover and a bag of chips
Christiaan: Love it. We are doing that next year. It’s settled
Djimmer: Tune in next year
Christiaan: I believe we are going to go with CHIP TIME!
Djimmer: Chip Time right now!
Christiaan: So we doing the Zapp’s potato chips, Cajun Dill Gator-Tator. This bag came in at a paltry 35% chip to air ratio. Which is to say that most of the chips were broken.
Djimmer: Yeah, I don’t know what happened there.
Christiaan: This is a very strong dill scent. Needless to say this is Zapp’s so it’s probably going to be pretty good.
Djimmer: We can’t say Dill-icous anymore because we already used that in a previous podcast.
Christiaan: We did use that. This is our 3rd Dill chip we are going with
Djimmer: this is where you try a chip (to Stephanie). Then you cruch really loud. This is spicy!
Stephanie: That is pretty good for a pickle chip
Djimmer: Yeah, umhuu
Christiaan: Strong dill flavor, strong chip crunch
Djimmer: you are getting dill?
Christiaan: Yeah. you are not getting dill?
Djimmer: no, I’m getting spicy
Stephanie: Yeah Cajun
Djimmer: It’s good spicy but I’m not getting dill
Stephanie: I thought it was going to be spicier.
Christiaan: How are you not getting dill?
Djimmer: Are you tasting dill? I’m not tasting dill.
Christiaan: you’re not tasting dill out of this?
Djimmer: No!
Christiaan: It’s unbelievably dill-ish
Djimmer: I’m not getting dill
Stephanie: Guys, we use pickle juice in our training
Djimmer: to prevent cramping
Stephanie: Yeah
Djimmer: and you want to eat salt. So eating dill chips. We are actually like training.
Christiaan: Zapp’s Cajun Dill Tators Health food.
Stephanie: umhu
Djimmer: I like it a lot but I’m not getting any dill.
Christiaan: They are spicy, they are crunchy, they are delicious. So thumbs up. 1 thumb, 2 thumbs, 3 thumbs? How many thumbs are we going with?
Djimmer: 2
Christiaan: I’m going 2
Djimmer: Steph your going?
Stephanie: 2
Christiaan: We’ve got 2 thumbs all around. This is a solid, solid potato chip.
Djimmer: Very nice
Christiaan: We’ve got trivia. Last week’s trivia: Coldest temperature ever recorded in the contiguous united states?
Djimmer: That is a good word contiguous
Christiaan: Negative 70 degrees at Rodgers Pass, Montana.
Djimmer: That’s cold
Christiaan: It was actually -69.7 but
Djimmer: you round up or down when it’s negative?
CHrisitaan: I think it’s so close it makes no difference. It’s really cold. This weeks question: What is the only Mammal that breathes only through it’s nose?
Djimmer: do you have any ideas?
Stephanie: A dolphin
Christiaan: it’s got one of thouse holes
Djimmer: Oh that’s right. It’s got a blowhole
Christiaan: Blowhole. So they breath though something that is not their nose.
Djimmer: So it is not a dolphin. The first thing that came to mind was an elephant but I guess that is their
Christiaan: That is wrong
Djimmer: ok
Stephanie: An elephant is a mamma?
Djimmer: yeah that’s a mammal
Stephanie: Oh I though we were talking about mammels in the water.
Djimmer: oh…no no no.
Christiaan: Mammals as a whole species. So humans, monkeys
Stepahnie: What about sloths?
Christiaan: Sloths count they also don’t only breathe through their noses.
Djimmer: I’ll be excited to find out the answer.
Christiaan: It’s a good one, a pretty exciting one. Thank you so much for listening today. Thank you Stephanie for coming in. We really appreciated it had an awesome time. We are going to chow down on some more Dill Tator Chips here in a minute. Next week we hope to actually get Mary in. Again Mary was unable to come in this week.
Djimmer: Yeah she was sick. Poor thing.
Christiaan: We are defiantly trying to get her next week. We will be doing her special chip then. Anybody looking to get more information on use, physical therapy in general or the show, check out of website Follow us on instagram and twitter throughout the week for more information. Definitely check out Fight for Air Climb. Definitely make a donation. Definitely join Team Grover if you are still looking to participate and that is it for today I think.
Djimmer: I like it. Thank you so much
Christiaan: Thank you Stephanie again
Stephanie: Thank you guys for letting me be in your presents. Thank you 2 PT’s N’ a Bag of Chips.
Christiaan: Ah we loved it. Fantastic. He’s Djimmer, I’m Christiaan
Djimmer and Christiaan: Thanks for listening
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