Types of Taping

  • In this episode: There are several kinds of tape out there, K-tape, McConnell, athletic, duct. If used appropriately all of them can provide some value in the recovery of an injury.

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Brief overview of the episode:

            The use of tape in prevention of injury and recovery is not new. At Rebound we keep a stock of Kinesio® tape, McConnell tape, Athletic tape and if the situation deems it, we will recommend duct tape.

            Kinesio tape has become one of the most common tapes in the rehabilitation and performance community. Its variety of bright colors and patterns makes it stand out. Not to mention that fact that it is worn but athletes in almost every sport now. This tape is a blend of cotton and elastic. As a result it has the ability to stretch. It is this stretch ability that give it its ability. Per the Kinesio® website this works by “Lifting the skin” and allowing increased “lymphatic fluid movement” which increases “white blood cells” and reduces “waste products.”

            McConnell tape, named for Australian Physiotherpist Jenny McConnell, is a ridge tape. This tape is sold as Leukotape and is used in conjunction with cover-roll. Cover-roll is a flexible white tape that protects the skin. This is necessary because McConnell tape is really sticky. So sticky in fact that if cover roll is not used it can easily take off the top layer of skin when it is removed. This take is much more ridge than even athletic tape and as such it is able to provide more structured support. It was originally thought that this tape physically moved structures however, additional research found that it works but increasing proprioception (the bodies awareness of itself).

            Athletic tape is common it will be seen on sports fields from professional to amateurs. It provides compression as well as reduces movement at a joint. There is debate on whether this should be used prophylactically or if it causes tissues to weaken as a result of its use. This has not been supported by the most recent research findings.

            Duct tape has a soild medical roll. It can be used in the treatment of plantar and common warts. There is strong evidence that it prevents the spread of warts and allows the body to fight of the already present wart faster.

            Tape is a common tool for injury recovery and prevention. Because of the variety available there is usually one that will work.

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