December 10, 2018

FAI/Hip Labrum: Episode 21

FAI/Hip Labrum: Episode 21 FAI (Femoral Acetabular Impingement) is becoming a common diagnosis. This is a bony change that causes the hip labrum to tear and fray. Both cause pain and loss of sport ability. We review Kettle Brand Spicy Queso Potato Chips, compliments of Judy Kay. Trivia question...
December 3, 2018

Holland Vs The Netherlands_ Epi 20

Holland vs The Netherlands: Episode 20 The difference between Holland and the Netherlands? Plus we go over the holiday of Sinterklaas. We review Burt’s Guinness Rich Chili which was brought to us by Steve Kovisto. Thank you Steve! Trivia question of the week: What is the new name for...
November 26, 2018

Fall prevention & Balance: Episode 19

Fall Prevention & Balance: Episode 19 Falls are a big concern especially as the weather becomes cold, snowy and icy. When you can up-train your balance system that will help reduce your fall risk. We tried to review SunChips Harvest Cheddar. It did not go as planned. Trivia question...
November 19, 2018

Rotator Cuff Injury: Episode 18

Rotator Cuff Injury: Episode 18 Rotator Cuff Injury is common and becomes more likely as we age. The good news is most are non-surgical. In honor of Thanksgiving we are reviewing Trader Joe’s Turkey Stuffing and Seasoned Kettle Chips Trivia question of the week: What is the only sea...
November 12, 2018

Shin Splint: Episode 17

Shin Splint: Episode 17 Shin Splint also known as tibial stress reaction comes in two types, muscle; which will affect the tibialis anterior or tibialis posterior and bone; which is the pre-cursor to a stress fracture This week we are reviewing 3 different chips from Ireland. The Irish trio...

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